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The past 2020, was almost a nightmare year for the luxury goods and fashion industry. With the pandemic, the public’s desire for brand pursuits can be described as lowering the freezing point. As suppliers and wholesalers, even design processors, they are in a state of idleness/layoffs.

So what will happen in 2021? For the fashion circle and luxury goods, it will be a brand new track and turning point. The epidemic will always pass. With the recovery of the economy, people’s desire for consumption will start. As a luxury fashion bag industry, it will usher in an explosion. Growth, who can grasp the needs of customers faster and more accurately will become the industry leader in the next five years at least.

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What about you as a fashion bag trader/wholesaler/distributor? Who has the ability to meet your supply and design needs at the same time, and provide a complete supply chain, will be a big concern in recent years whether you can become a homeopathic and open up more markets.

Among the countries in the world today, China has been one of the countries with a complete supply chain as a manufacturing country in the past two decades. Xiamen Gachi Leather Goods Co., Ltd. has a complete range of supplies from raw material procurement to product design, processing and production, and customs export. As a manufacturing plant that has been producing in China for ten years, we have accumulated ten years of product production, and there are more than ten in product design. Experienced designers are your best choice.

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In 2021 the consumer will demand the freedom of carrying. The design of fashion bags this spring is bolder and more gorgeous. From the fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, Copenhagen, and other places last year, changes have taken place. Designers from major brands around the world have used more colors and elements in the design of clothing and fashion bags Embellishment, on the one hand, is to eliminate the haze of the epidemic in the hearts of the public through diversified colors, on the other hand, consumers are leaner in pursuit of fashion bags.

Behind the big data shows that most consumers nowadays browse a large number of shopping websites and information platforms before purchasing fashion bags. They are more cautious in their consumption and demand lean fashion bags.

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As a fashion bag manufacturer/trader/wholesaler/distributor, when choosing this year’s procurement category, you can choose some features that are in line with this year’s popular elements. At the same time, we will share information and experience with you on the trend and choice of fashion bags in autumn and winter. At the same time, you can also contact us to inform us of your views and product requirements. We will be the first Time to reply to your message.

Share with you some of the most popular models in spring 2021:

1. The demand for backpacks is rising, and the demand for looking for the youthful appearance of leather bags, and the demand for playful and bright colors has been growing. Bright pinks, greens, and yellows become the main hues. With the rise of a healthy and discreet lifestyle, the demand for backpacks has increased dramatically because it gives commuters the freedom to move from the gym to the workplace easily. Backpacks can store more items and are more convenient to carry when going out. One of the mainstream choices.

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2. Waistbag The waist bag brings functionality and convenience and can carry important small things such as small notebooks, lipsticks, mobile phones, and many other daily necessities. Freeing the freedom of your hands is the biggest reason why this bag is popular.

3. Crossbody bag The busy life and depressing environment make most consumers do not want to carry heavy objects, even if it is just a decorative handbag. This is also the reason why messenger bags with long metal chains or leather bags are becoming more and more popular among consumers. . Freedom is the most important key attribute, pay attention to the streets around you, you will find that the frequency of messenger bags in the crowd is quite high.

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4. Mobile purses are gaining strength as we have spotted it in yet another season of S/S 2021 at Milan and Paris fashion week as seen in Victoria Tomas and Max Mara’s collection. At the time when consumers are facing covid19 related challenges, bright colors are sure to bring excitement and rejoice to the wearer.


Xiamen Gachi Leather Co., Ltd is a company with design /development /service and production. We have the showroom & sample room & business department and assembly line. What we're good at is that do customer service & develop sales channels and supply chain resources.
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