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The material of canvas bags is the same as cotton bags. The common materials of the canvas are divided into polyester cotton and pure cotton. For these two types, there are also general materials and good materials. When Xiamen Gachi leather Co., Ltd. receives orders for canvas bags from customers and purchases related raw materials, it will send a professional to purchase.
Canvas bags are known for their durability and firmness much higher than non-woven bags, and their materials are naturally degradable. Because of these specific attributes, it has become the new darling of many handbag designers. According to its design and style, canvas bags can be an excellent accessory for leisure outings, workdays, shopping trips, a day in the park, or a night in the town.

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But at the same time because of its characteristics, many people do not care too much about canvas bags. When visiting specialty stores, they heard the sales representatives explain their durable and strong characteristics. They are especially suitable for weekend trips. Shopping with a small number of items, buy them After getting down, don’t care about daily wear and tear, fill them with scattered or leaked food and groceries, put them on the floor or ground, and throw them in cars and offices.
Canvas bags are the same as all leather bags and require proper and regular cleaning and maintenance. In order to maintain a good new state. We will use the following methods to tell you how to properly clean the canvas bag when stains appear so that the canvas bag can return to its best condition.

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Before choosing a cleaning method, you need to make sure

Most canvas bags can be printed with screen printing, embroidery, monogram, hand-painted, fabric, button decoration (stitched or glued), drawings, printed logos, etc. Before cleaning and maintenance, you need to determine whether the added elements of your canvas bag can be safely washed and cleaned. Empty all the items in the bag, and remove all the detachable accessories from the canvas bag. Of course, embroidery and printing are impossible.

  • Water temperature: if your canvas bag features paintings, drawings, or other prints and patterns, you should make sure to wash it at cool temperatures.
  • Does it fade: If you wear colored canvas bags or your canvas bags feature colored prints and graphic designs, make sure the colors do not bleed, fade, or transfer in contact with water or other fabrics
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After soaking a part of the canvas in water and letting it stand for about ten minutes, observe whether the color of the water changes. At the same time, screw the wetted part of the bag onto a pure white cotton towel or cloth to observe if there is any color change. If necessary, the bag must be partially cleaned of stains instead of being washed. Do not wash the bag with other materials, as the dye may transfer to the bag. If the bag is pure white, please skip this test.

Things to prepare before cleaning

Before deciding whether to clean the canvas bag in the washing machine manually or by partial cleaning, we need to make the following preparations:

  • Open all the zippers and buckles on the bag to empty out all the debris. If possible, you can choose to turn the canvas bag inside and out and use the fabric brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to remove all internal impurities. The above method is not feasible, you can choose to shake it upside down to remove debris, coins, paper, and any other small things.
  • Check whether the bag has a special care label and/or the type of material used, and follow its recommended care guidelines.
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Remove stains

Before cleaning and maintenance, you need to remove the stains on the bag:

  • Preparation tools: a clean towel; a special cleaning brush; a bottle of canvas cleaner; a basin of warm water.
  • Take out the canvas cleaner and pour the canvas cleaner into the disposable paper cup, which accounts for about one-third of the paper cup; (if the bag is dirty, the cleaner does not need to be diluted, and the original solution is used directly; if it is not very dirty, it can be diluted reuse)
  • Dip the cleaning agent in the paper cup with a brush and lightly brush the whole body of the bag, repeatedly scrub the foam out, and wipe the stains with a towel while scrubbing.
  • After evenly scrubbing, wash the white towel with warm water prepared in advance, wring it out, and wipe the body.
  • Any mild detergent mixed with water can be used as a cleaning solution for ordinary durable canvas. You can consider using mild shower gel, dish soap, liquid detergent, or even baking soda.
  • If certain strains are very stubborn, you can also mix in a drop of bleach. The cleaner is a safer choice, but bleach can help you clean heavily contaminated bags. Remember, bleach will make the canvas yellow. Don’t forget to test the inside or bottom of the bag in a small area.
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When we learn how to clean canvas bags, we cannot skip the drying phase of the cleaning and maintenance cycle. Let the bag air dry on the clothesline, as drying it with a machine may cause shrinkage unless the care label indicates that the machine can be safely dried. Make sure to hang the canvas bag to dry to retain and restore its original shape. Drying the bag in the dryer will cause the bag to shrink and change its shape, thereby destroying its function and usability.

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