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As a distributor/wholesaler/manufacturer in the luggage industry, you must not miss the industry trend last week.

On April 15th, GUCCI released the Gucci Aria autumn/winter fashion show and celebrated its 100th birthday. The latest series designed by Alessandro Michele for Gucci. From the design type and style of the accessory bag, there are Bamboo Bags and all-crystal heart-shaped handbags. There are many handbag wholesalers/manufacturers/distributors that are worth buying in bulk. Products or self-designed products can be used as one of the references and lessons for this year’s popular styles. There are too many details in the video to write a detailed article. For more details, you can watch the full video on YouTube.

Dior launched the Dior Gold Summer Capsule Collection last week. Since Dior’s artistic director changed to Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s demand for handbag design has been particularly strong. Book Tote, Dior Caro, and Dior Saddle Bag have all brought a great response to the market. Now I have launched the Gold Summer Capsule Collection. As I said in my previous blog, this year’s major brand designers have adopted more colorful and richer styles this year, while the design is bolder and simpler. The choice of the whole industry has become more colorful. As a wholesaler/distributor, when purchasing this year’s luggage plan, you can choose products or design products more boldly, There may be a big increase in sales.

When I saw the Dior Gold series, I paid attention to Chanel and Celine’s dynamics. They had all launched yellow accessories handbags series before. The creativity of major brand designers this year tends to be naturalized. When importing leather bag wholesalers/distributors choose the style of leather bags, you can choose more warm colors as the main color reference.

In addition to the fashion week and new releases of major brands, Dior’s ABC model, which has not yet been fully listed, is also something that a dealer/wholesaler/importer, and even a manufacturer, should know something about.

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The ABC model provides customers with maximum shopping freedom. From styles, signatures, personalized displays, etc., ideas that can only be freely created on canvas bags are placed on the custom series styles worn daily. This model can not only meet the expectations of different customers for wearing bags and how to use them in different scenarios but also allow each customer to participate in the creation of accessory bags, giving him a unique definition. For the post-epidemic era, this kind of free choice and contactless shopping experience may bring certain business impacts and changes to major distributors/wholesalers/brands in the industry.

At present, the model has not been fully implemented, but for the public’s choice of canvas bags, a new trend may be rolled up again this year.


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